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Healthy Italian Style Salad


Healthy Italian Style SaladYesterday, I stopped at the store on my way home to pick up a couple of things. A huge smile spread across my face when, for the first time ever, I finally saw canned artichokes in water…not oil! My brain started cranking out ideas of what I could make with this.

When I was little and we would go visit my Grandma out of town she would always take us out to eat. One of her favorite restaurants was a place called Antonio’s. The pizza there was good, but the salad was AMAZING! And it was so simple, lettuce, toasted pepperonis, cheese and a really tasty house dressing. That salad sure would taste good with some artichokes! I had everything I needed at home already, so I decided to make this.

It tasted great, and brought back memories of my Grandma.

Healthy Italian Style Salad


  • lettuce (any type or spinach)
  • 12 slices of turkey pepperioni
  • 8 medium sized black olives, sliced
  • 5 or more artichoke quarters (packed in water)
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp red wine vinegar
  • 1/4 cup reduced fat Italian Cheese
  • ground black pepper (to taste)
  • dried basil (to taste)


  1. Toast the turkey pepperoni in the toaster oven. If you do not have a toaster oven you can just use your oven, set on broil.
  2. Put the lettuce in the bowl. Top with olives, artichokes, pepperoni and cheese.
  3. Drizzle olive oil and red wine vinegar on top. Add ground black pepper and dried basil to taste.

I just realized I could have also added tomato!

If you are on Weight Watchers this recipe prepared as is has a PP value of 7. Looking to save a few points? Omit the cheese and then it would only be 4 PP.




Healthy Lunch in a Pinch


Wow, I have been on out sync for a couple of weeks!  Things have been pretty hectic around here, leaving little to no time for blogging. With that being said, there has been little to no time for packing lunches or making lengthy grocery lists either.

Please do not laugh about this. In fact, this lunch is quite a yummy and healthy solution to not wasting time packing lunch. I know it must be good, because the day after I did this, one of my co-workers did the same thing!

The steps are simple. Go to the salad section of the grocery store. Look for the pre-made salads. Find one that has a lower fat dressing option, or light option. Also, if you work in a nut-free environment, be mindful that some of the dressing and toppings included in these salad packs contain nuts.

Here is my go to salad:

Once you have your salad bag, keep it in the fridge until you are ready to pack your lunch. Dump the lettuce into a container. The dressing and other toppings are in their own separate bags. Keep those wrapped, but throw them in the same container. There’s something about putting the lettuce into the container before heading off for work that makes it seem more sophisticated. I guess it’s more like, I didn’t really have time to pack my lunch, but at least I took the time to put it in a container!

The ENTIRE bag of salad, along with ALL dressing and croutons is only 6 Points Plus if you are on Weight Watchers. It is a large bag, so I am satisfied with just the salad. If you want a more complete meal you could add protein with chicken, steak or cheese.

Sandwich Salad


Not quite sure what to call this one. It has all of the ingredients I love on a sandwich, so I guess I will just call it the sandwich salad.
In order to pack it as a lunch I just pack the lettuce separate, and throw all the toppings in together like pictured below.

So what exactly is pictured in that mix of stuff?! On the bottom, there are banana pepper rings (from a can) and a little juice from those peppers. There is 1 slice of Provolone cheese, and some chicken lunch meat. Oh yeah, and a pickle (my favorite ingredient). I splash a little bit of balsamic vinegar on top and some freshly ground black pepper. Usually, I also have tomato slices, however all of my tomatoes were nasty and needed to be thrown away.

Here is a picture from the side so that you can see about how much of each ingredient is in the container.

When lunchtime rolls around I just dump the “toppings” onto the lettuce and enjoy it.

A Lazy, Sick Girl’s Lunch


During the past week I came down with a nasty cold. Could have been from a number of things, beginning school, having the Japanese kids stay at the house, being in a public pool, or the husband could have brought something home from his boat. Either way I was feeling under the weather.


I always want to optimize my sleep, but when I have a cold, sleep becomes even more important.  My body also tends to crave massive amounts of fruits, veggies and salt.


There is one must have easy lunch that I have up my sleeve. It’s even easier than fast food. A bowl of soup! Here is what I ate for lunch pretty much all week.

Pretzels, grapes, edemame, soup, orange and kiwi.


I use frozen edemame and just throw them in my lunch bag. By the time I am ready for snack or lunch, they are thawed out and ready to enjoy.


If you are on Weight Watchers, find a soup that has a low points value. Most soups that do not have a cream base are healthy, and will not make any congestion worse. Here is a close-up of my Campbell’s Chunky Savory Vegetable Soup.

There is one end all that ALWAYS helps all of my colds. The magic secret is a Cold Buster from Jamba Juice!

Not only is it tasty, but I wake up feeling better then next morning. Maybe not 100% better but able to function and carry on with my life.

Hoping to add more throughout the week.